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Happy new year, everyone!

Not sure how much will change, but seeing that for ourselves is half the fun, hey?

EDIT: I got two digits mixed up. Not the best way to start a year, huh?
  • Listening to: FIREWORKS
  • Reading: COUNTDOWNS
  • Watching: FIREWORKS
  • Playing: Hearthstone
  • Eating: Probably chicken wings
  • Drinking: Sparkling cider
And frankly, I feel I've more to fear from how the general public will take this year's result - whatever it may be - than from the victor themselves.

Unless the absolute worst comes of it, I'm unlikely to see any change in my day-to-day life dictated from that city. But a riot by those who supported the other side? A wave of unrest, maybe even a revolution? My only hope then would be for a swift demise, rather than a prolonged one.

So I'd like anyone who's actually listening to promise me one thing, alright? No matter what happens, keep your head on your shoulders and don't burn the place down. I still live here, and I'm not going to have the proper resources for an exodus anytime in the forseeable future.
  • Listening to: The rising wind.
  • Reading: The looks on everyone's faces.
  • Watching: Tempers flare and tension rise.
  • Playing: Hearthstone
  • Eating: Nothing good for me, that's what
  • Drinking: Mostly water